Health & Place

Volume 48, November 2017, Pages 123-131
Health & Place

Care farms as a space of wellbeing for people with a learning disability in the United Kingdom

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Care farms provide a positive social space for PWLDs contributing to mental and social wellbeing.

Care farms are perceived as a space of wellbeing for participants, not simply an ‘intervention’.

Calls for PWLDs to be included in research focusing on wellbeing in different social spaces.


People with a learning disability in the UK are increasingly choosing to spend their time on ‘care farms’ but there is limited research examining these spaces from their perspective. A qualitative research design was used to ask eighteen of these clients how care farms contributed to their health and wellbeing.

For these participants care farms can be understood, using Fleuret and Atkinson's (2007) framework, as a ‘space of wellbeing’ and as a positive and life-enhancing space.

Positive language was used by participants to describe the farms contrasting with ne gative language describing other spaces and activities. Farms were identified as contributing positively to mental and social wellbeing.


Care farming
Learning disability
Spaces of wellbeing