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SF&G Code of Practice for Care Farming Services

At SF&G, part of our role is to promote care farming as a quality service provision in health, social care and special education, and also to support those delivering these services. We are therefore proud to offer the SF&G Code of Practice to our members. This page describes the Code of Practice process and explains how to get started.

What is the Code of Practice for?

The Code is essentially a set of minimum standards which we encourage all those providing care farming services to adopt. The Code is also suitable for farm and garden sites also delivering other green care services such as social therapeutic horticulture and animal assisted therapies.

The Code of Practice is intended to provide commissioners, clients and other authorities with a degree of quality assurance for care farming services. See here for an overview

How to apply

The annual fee for the Code of Practice is currently £60. This is payable on initial application and each subsequent year when the Code is renewed. In order to enrol on the Code of Practice process, your organisation must first be a member of Social Farms & Gardens and then you will need to pay the fee of £60 here.

If you have already enrolled on the Code of Practice process and would like to renew your Code of Practice access/ status, please follow this link to renew

If you are not sure whether your organisation is a member of SF&G we will be happy to check for you. Please contact admin@farmgarden.org.uk or tel. 0117 9231 800. If you are not sure if you have paid your fee for this year, please contact carefaming@farmgarden.org.uk or tel. 0117 9231 800.

Alternatively, if you know that your organisation is not a member, please join now. Membership is free and you can apply online here. You will be sent details about the Code of Practice as part of your welcome pack.

What does the Code of Practice process involve?

The quality of services delivered is assured through a process of self-assessment. The Code is divided into three sections, each comprising a number of different standards

  • We run a responsible service
  • We care about the people we work with
  • Our site is a safe place to be.

Applicants are sent the Code self-assessment form together with guidelines on how to complete it. Once they have completed the Code appication form, they return it alongside a copy of their Service Level or Client Agreement and a copy of their safeguarding policy (adult or child as appropriate).

After checking that all sections are completed and that payment has been received the Code application and supporting documents are forwarded to the panel of experts for assessement. Applicants will receive a response to their application (whether that be a pass or a request for further clarification) within 6 weeks. 

Applicants may be asked to provide further clarification or more information, e.g. copies of additional policies for inspection. Once all requested additional information has been received and assessed, a decision will be made by the panel and the care farm notified. Once the care farm has passed the Code it will be able to display the 'Meeting the Code' of Practice' logo on their own promotional material and websites. At the end of the first and second years after approval, in order to continue meeting the Code, organisations will be asked to confirm that they still meet the standards and to report any changes or challenges they have faced and overcome. At the end of the third year, a fresh application will need to be submitted to the panel for review.

SF&G members that are enrolled in the Code process will be included in a searchable list on the SF&G website to which commissioners and clients seeking care farming services will be directed.

Feedback from the field

"Completing the Code of Practice highlighted a number of areas that we needed to tighten up on but also identified the areas of care farming that we were doing really well! A worthwhile process and the badge has been used numerous times in funding bids!"
Densholme Care Farm, N Yorks

"Care farming colleagues who have applied the Code of Practice to their work give us added confidence that they are professional and represent care farming as a positive, quality service.”  
Magdalen Environmental Trust, Somerset


If you have any other questions about the Code of Practice process please contact carefaming@farmgarden.org.uk or tel. 0117 9231 800.

Code of Practice

The SF&G Code of Practice for care farming services provides quality assurance for clients, commissioners and families alike. We encourage all care farmers to adopt the care farming Code of Practice. For more information click here

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