Care Farming Code of Practice


As part of our role to i) promote care farming as a quality service provision in health and social care and in special education, and ii) to support care farmers, Social Farms & Gardens is proud to offer the care farming Code of Practice (previously administered by Care Farming UK).

The Code is a clear set of guidelines, intended to meet the requirements of commissioners, clients and other authorities to show that care farms which adhere to the Code are safe, professional and effective service providers. The care farming Code of practice is essentially a set of minimum standards which Social Farms & Gardens are encouraging all care farmers (including farm and garden sites offering other green care services such as STH and Animal Assisted Therapies) to adopt and costs £60 annually to access.

The Code is divided into 3 sections as an aid to grouping the issues and evidence:

  1. We run a responsible care farm
  2. We care about the people we work with
  3. Our care farm is a safe place to be.

The Code has been developed by a team of care farmers and other specialists and has been trialled by a range of care farming practitioners. The quality of services delivered by care farmers is assured through a process of self-assessment, enabling care farms to demonstrate that they follow the Care farming Code of Practice.

How to apply:

To sign up for the care farming Code of Practice please follow this link to pay online.

You will then be taken to our online billing facility (with options to pay by PayPal, credit or debit card or BACS). Once your payment has been processed, you will be sent the Code by email. Once we receive your completed application and supporting documents your application will be assessed and you will be notified when it is approved.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Code before applying, please email: or call 0117 923 1800 and speak to Rachel or Debbie

Code of Practice process:

1. Care farms wishing to apply for the Code need to pay an annual fee of £60 (follow the link above) and request an application form (an excel spreadsheet) by contacting:

2. On receipt, your request is logged and you will be sent the Code spreadsheet with instructions on completion

3. Return your completed self-assessment form, together with a copy of your Service Level or Client Agreement and safeguarding policy (adult or child as appropriate) to

4. On receipt your application will be checked to make sure all sections are complete and forwarded to the panel of experts for appraisal. Applications are sent to the panel monthly.

5. The panel assess the application. During this stage of the process, further clarification or information may be requested from you. For example, you may be asked to provide further policies for inspection.

6. Once the clarifications have been received and the panel is happy to award the Code, you will be notified by Social Farms & Gardens and provided with the code logo to use on promotional material. Your profile on our online map will also show that the care farm has met the Code of Practice.

7. At the end of the first and second year after the code is first awarded, you will be asked to confirm that your care farm still meets the standards and to report any changes or challenges in order to continue meeting the Code. At the end of the third year, you will need to resubmit your application to the panel for review. Social Farms & Gardens will contact care farms to advise on dates for submission of information required.

Feedback from Code of Practice care farms

"Completing the code of practice highlighted a number of areas that we needed to tighten up on but also identified the areas of care farming that we were doing really well! A worthwhile process and the badge has been used numerous times in funding bids!" - Densholme Care Farm, N Yorks

"Care farming colleagues who have applied the Code of Practice to their work give us added confidence that they are professional and represent care farming as a positive, quality service.” Magdalen Environmental Trust, Somerset,


Code of Practice

The Care Farming Code of Practice provides quality assurance for clients, commissioners and families alike.

Social Farms & Gardens is encouraging all care farmers to adopt the care farming Code of Practice.


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