About Us

Care Farming UK 

  • Promoting care farming 

  • Supporting care farmers


Our mission: To provide a voice and supportive services for care farmers, to inspire decision makers and to develop policies and actions that will support care farming in the UK.

Our vision: To see thriving farms and landscapes providing social, educational, therapeutic and development opportunities.

Care Farming UK is led by care farmers and care farming supporters, and has four strategic aims:

Promoting care farming:

  • Profile - increasing the profile and awareness of care farming
  • Evidence - developing the evidence-base for the effectiveness of care farming

Supporting care farmers

  • Care Farming - supporting the quality and provision of services from care farms
  • Networks - enabling care farming networks to develop across the UK


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Care Farm of the Week

Lambourne End Centre in Essex, provides care farming and outdoor learning for people of all ages 

Website: www.lambourne-end.org.uk

Email: rob.gayler@lambourne-end.org.uk